Training Programs to Nurture Talent

Jarmila Novotná, Regional Technology Center Manager at Sika Czech Republic, has previously been a participant in our Global Leadership Program. 

Following the acquisition of Czech-based Panbex, Jarmila suddenly found herself part of Sika, and it wasn’t long before she was given an opportunity to build up and head a new R&D department.  

The transition from her old employer to her new one was not easy, she recalls. Panbex served the Central European markets, while Sika is a global player, and she feels that her biggest challenge was learning to understand how an international company of Sika's size operates.

What Jarmila appreciated, and still very much welcomes today, is the support of her international colleagues as well as the spirit of cooperation within her own team. She is proud to say that under her leadership a local R&D department has been transformed into a regional technology center.

Jarmila also likes the fact that Sika offers her the chance to develop her talent and take part in internal training programs. She is firmly convinced that this support has enabled her to significantly broaden and enhance her talent, skills and efficiency. She also greatly values the ongoing exchange of experiences with her Sika colleagues the world over. She says, "There’s always something to look forward to at Sika."