Sika is investing around CHF 2.2 million in the expansion of its production site in Bludenz, Austria. A new warehouse and a new manufacturing line for waterbars is being added to the existing site.

Sika is not just expanding its production capacities and warehouse space with the two-story warehouse, which has 1,800 square meters of useable floor space; it is also creating eight new jobs. The site currently has a workforce of 75 employees. Sika has been producing construction chemicals in Vorarlberg since 1939, and has been continuously expanding the site since then.  


Sika is positioning itself more broadly in Bludenz with the new manufacturing line, which will produce around 600,000 running meters of waterbars each year. Waterbars are used to waterproof buildings and other structures. Around 40,000 tons of construction chemicals such as mortars, synthetic resin floor coatings, concrete admixtures, waterbars and release agents are manufactured each year in Bludenz for the Austrian market plus other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.