Market-leading roofing manufacturer Sika has now completed Extended Application Assessments, testing to CEN/TS 1187:2012 Test method 4 for the entire Sika Sarnafil range of PVC single ply membranes. Subsequently, the most common Sika Sarnafil roof systems are now all classified under BSEN 13501-5 as BROOF(t4).

Working closely with independent global fire safety testing, inspection and certification company Warringtonfire – part of the Element Materials Technology Group – Sika has undertaken significant investment to attain the BROOF(t4) classification across all PVC membrane systems. This covers a range of permutations, including membrane type, thickness of PIR insulation, up to a 70-degree pitch and on any structural substrate.

A project spanning over two years’ work, Sika has invested a substantial amount of time and resource, utilising the EXAP standard CEN/TS16459, which is available as a means of covering ranges of system permutations. 

Dean Grady, project leader and Senior Product Engineer at Sika, comments on why Sika has opted to invest in this type of testing: “The market has become acutely aware of fire safety and it is looking to industry leaders to help. We have seen for a while now that specifiers, architects, clients and building control are increasingly insisting on fire test certificates that directly reflect the exact system being installed. As it is very problematic to test every single permutation of a system, when you factor in multiple substrate types, insulation thickness and membrane type/thicknesses, EXAP testing through an independent body allows us to cover most variations of the system being installed. With Sika Sarnafil roof systems classified as BROOF(t4), we’re able to demonstrate and facilitate regulatory compliance for fire safety and satisfy current market demand.” 

"Having this comprehensive BROOF(t4) classification, which indicates the highest external fire performance for roofs, means that specifiers and other stakeholders can use Sika Sarnafil on their roofing projects with a very high degree of confidence, assured that they’re complying with fire regulations." Dean Grady, project leader and Senior Product Engineer at Sika

The only people who are permitted to undertake any degree of desktop/extrapolation studies now are accredited, independent fire test houses. This clearly removes the ability for anyone else to interpret or extrapolate the fire test data that may have been practiced in the past.  

“We are not offering a view, we are offering wide-ranging test data and evidence that covers most permutations and situations – all with third-party verification, which is key. It’s a clear way forward in terms of mitigating roof fire risk and helping support those with the heavy responsibility of ensuring people’s safety,” he adds.

The project involved taking a huge existing body of fire testing reports into consideration and conducting further, more extensive physical testing. On completion of the programme, Sika now has independent test reports readily available on request.

With plans to extend the initiative across the entire Sika roofing range, Sika looks forward to increasing the confidence and reassurance specifiers are looking for and strengthening its position as an expert and leader in testing and compliance.

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