Building on the introduction of the Sika Pro-Tecta range of coating systems – a complete solution for metal roof refurbishment launched back in 2020 – Sika has continued to innovate and improve the offering with the addition of a 20-year complete waterproofing system, which offers greater durability with lower overall application rates.

Having utilised Sika’s in-house research and development facilities in Preston, the new and improved two-coat waterproofing system uses the patented Sikalastic 701 coating as the top coat solution.

A high performance polyurethane/acrylic based hybrid top-coat, Sikalastic 701 is extremely hard wearing, yet requires only a very thin coat. As well as less material being required, the system is more durable and quicker to install, resulting in an improved guarantee offering of up to 20 years, alongside the existing 10 and 15 year guarantee options.  

Ryan Quinn, Product Engineer for Liquid Applied Membranes, explains: “Moving on from our very successful launch of the Sika Pro-Tecta range of coating systems, we’ve now taken it a step further and are excited to unveil the 20 year system.

“Typically, a bigger guarantee means more product is required, but not in this case. The addition of Sika’s patented Sikalastic 701 makes this system somewhat unique with less material for a longer guarantee.”

Profiled Metal Roofs

Following many hours of accelerated weathering testing, both artificially aged and installed in sub-tropical locations such as Florida, US, the new system’s test results have shown it to be extremely durable, retain its colour and have a high solar reflectivity rating; a third party tested and accredited feature highly beneficial in managing thermal gain and helping to regulate the thermal performance of a building.

Ryan adds: “Alongside these fantastic benefits, refurbishing a metal roof using one of our Pro-Tecta systems is also much less disruptive to install than a full replacement, or over cladding – both of which can see operational works of the building typically disturbed.”  

The launch of the newly improved Sika Pro-Tecta range builds on the extensive track record of the company in supplying full waterproofing solutions for metal roofs. Projects have included high-profile clients and sites, including a global automotive technology leader seeing the first use of the system in the UK on its 20-year-old factory roof refurbishment.

As well as being backed by market-leading waterproofing guarantees, the Sika Pro-Tecta systems come with extensive technical and specification support as standard, which includes condition surveys, technical advice on the most appropriate solution for each individual project, on-site inspections and final sign-off. We also offer a CPD focused on metal roof application, which our Area Technical Managers can conduct face-to-face or via video meetings.

This system continues Sika’s customer-focused approach to the roof refurbishment market, ensuring systems meet all specification requirements, budgets and complexities.