An interview with Tom Forsyth, General Manager, Sika UK

Sika has been a successful manufacturer of specialty chemicals for over 100 years, and sustainability has long been a core element of its strategy, business operations and corporate culture. Through its products, systems, and solutions, Sika strives to create long-term benefits and added value for all its stakeholders, and to significantly reduce resource consumption and the impacts associated with production processes.

Sika UK’s General Manager, Tom Forsyth, has highlighted the importance of sustainability for the company in a recent interview. He states: “We’re in a place now, where what we do for the next ten years really sets the scene for what our world is going to be like for our children and our grandchildren. It’s really important that we get this right.”

In response to the interview, Sarah Peake (Sustainability Manager for Sika UK), commented: “Climate change is presenting the construction sector with a serious challenge, as almost 40% of global CO2 emissions are attributable to the construction and building sector. It is great that a company like Sika understands the importance of working together towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and that we have Tom’s clear support and leadership, guiding us to a more sustainable future”.  

Sika Expert - Sarah Peake

Sarah Peake, Sustainability Manager, Sika UK

"I’m passionate about [sustainability], Sika as a global company is passionate about it, we’ve got to make a difference." Tom Forsyth, General Manager, Sika UK

In a recent interview with David Ing (Managing Director, Fabrick), Tom comments on Sika's Sustainability Stategy and plans for the future - the full interview can be viewed below: