New regulations regarding the Global Harmonised System for Classification, Labelling and Packaging (GHS CLP) of chemicals that come into effect, for materials produced from 1st June 2015 onwards.

The aim of GHS is to harmonise the various existing classification systems for chemicals and chemical based products across the world. In response to these new regulations Sika have implemented the following changes to our Safety Datasheets and information on our product labels:

Sika changes to Classification Labelling on Packaging
Image: Changes to Classification Labelling on Packaging

What are the changes to labelling packaging

  • New hazard pictograms and signal words - the orange pictograms are being replaced by red-bordered diamonds with black symbols
  • The signal word ‘Warning’ or ‘Danger’ has also been added where appropriate
  • The Risk and Safety sentences have been replaced by Hazard and Precautionary sentences

It is important to note that although the quality and formulations have not changed in any way, due to the new classification limits with CLP, in some cases it can result in a more severe label.

Labelled stock manufactured before the new regulations take effect can be supplied for 2 years up to 1st June 2017. Therefore please be mindful that during this transitional period stock may be supplied with either the current CHIP or new CLP regulation information. For this reason Sika safety datasheets will carry both sets of regulatory information during this period.