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The Sika Bonding Excellence Platform is a free online, cloud-based project management tool that enables anyone to log and monitor all their own structural glazing façade projects, step by step throughout the whole project workflow. From the design stage to “pre-application” adhesion, compatibility testing to façade production with adhesive application and quality control.

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What can you do on Sika’s Bonding Excellence Platform?

Being cloud based, the platform is easily accessible on any device, wherever you are. It will link you directly with Sika’s Façade Engineering experts as well as a wealth of information including project specific files and a section dedicated to general documentation downloads i.e. application and training guidelines etc.

Sika’s Free Joint Calculator Tool

Sika’s Bonding Excellence Platform is free and easy to use. Once registered you can create a new project and when created you can gain access to the Sika Online Joint Calculator. Standard structural glazing and insulated glass requirements will need to be inputted and you will be provided with the tools to create your own professional report - saving you valuable time.

For non-standard applications, Sika’s Façade Engineers will be on-hand to assist you.

It is very quick and easy to edit and amend your requirements at any time and changes will be saved within your project on the platform.

Sika’s calculator tool design calculations are based on the current worldwide standards which for the UK market is EOTA-ETAG 002 guidelines for structural glazing. 


How will the Bonding Excellence Platform benefit you?

It will give you the capability to request adhesion and compatibility testing and then keep track of them.

All team members involved with a project can be added to the platform which will give them full access to the latest up to date information related to it, enabling seamless progression.

Each project will have its own unique reference number, which will enable all members of the project team to easily assess all the information available anytime.

The latest documentation and standards regarding structural glazing, insulated glass and all other Sika products related to facades is freely available on the platform, as well as training and application videos. It will give you the capability to request adhesion and compatibility testing and then keep track of them.


"Not only does the Sika Bonding Excellence Platform allow us to keep track of the progress of our adhesion testing, it also provides an efficient means of communication between Sika and ourselves. It is simple to use in association with the online sealant calculator tool and a great way to compile records of these results, along with training records and certification. This has proved particularly advantageous over the last year when remote working practices have prevented face to face meetings." -Director William Sharman | Cantifix- Hendon North London

Becoming a Sika Bonding Excellence Contractor and the Benefits

To request an informative webinar on the Sika Bonding Excellence Platform please click the button below for further information.

As a Bonding Excellence Platinum Contractor, Sika will promote and support you in all your structural glazing projects.

Sika Support

Sika will provide training in the various aspects of Sika products, including the storage, preparation, and their application. Advice and support will also be offered in setting up any in-house quality control procedures that are required for structural bonding applications.

Information on the current Sika Bonding Excellence Contractors can be provided upon request. These specialist contractors are fully trained in using all Sika’s products for structural glazing and will be able to provide a professional and safe application. 

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Written by Andrew Hills|National KAM for Sika FFI and Jeff Richards|Business Development Manager

Sika Here to Support You All the Way!

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you and will support you all the way!
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