Protecting Critical Cleanroom Environments with Low Emission Systems

In recent years Sika has developed advanced new flooring, wall and joint sealing solutions specifically for cleanroom environments. Manufacturing under cleanroom conditions is becoming increasingly widespread and ever more demanding with regards to VOC emissions, plus limiting AMC’s (Airborne Molecular Contaminants) and particle emissions.

Sustainable 2

Ultra Low Emissions

Good indoor air quality is vital, and can have a significant impact on health and resulting productivity. Building occupants can be exposed to a range of airborne pollutants, including chemicals, microorganisms and other particles from a variety of sources such as carpets, finishes, cleaning products, office equipment etc. The various health implications associated with poor indoor air have been the subject of research for a long time and are well established.

Design strategies that ensure good air quality, both by allowing a supply of fresh air through ventilation and stopping pollutants at source by minimising emissions from materials, are essential for a healthy and productive working environment.

With over 97% reduction in VOCs, Sikagard®-403 W, -405Wand -406 W has an A+ rating, according to the Émissions dans l'air intérieur* labelling scheme, which is significantly ahead of any Europe-wide requirements.