Videos of Sika Coating Applications

How to ground ESD & ECF coatings

In this video tutorial you will get an overview of all important application steps how to connect an ESD floor covering to ground. The use of the Sikafloor® Earthing Kit assures a durable connection of the conductive floor covering to ground potential.

Sika Fire Protective Coatings

Sika's unique fire protective coatings can provide a prolonged safe escape time from buildings.  

Parking Abrasion Test - wear resistance of parking garages coatings

At Sika we make sure that our flooring solutions have the best quality!
To check the wear resistance level of our coatings for car parking garages, Sika specialists have developed Parking Abrasion Test (PAT). It simulates mechanical stress that surface protection systems are exposed to on a daily basis. Our newest Sikafloor® MultiFlex range powered by i-Cure technology perform much better than traditional systems at PAT!

Easy graffiti removal: Sikagard-850 AG Anti-Graffiti & Anti-Poster Coating

Sikagard-850 AG Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Poster is a permanent, transparent coating to protect your walls: Wash away graffiti with cold water. No hot water, no detergents and no high pressure cleaner are needed. Fly posters will fall down after a few days. You only need to discard them. It has never been that so easy to protect your walls from unwelcomed, recurring graffiti and posters.