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For every structurally glazed project, calculations for bonding the glass to the subframe must be undertaken in advance of any production and installation work taking place. These calculations must be based on the information provided by the curtain walling façade contractor.

Making your life easier

Sika’s Bonding Excellence Platform is free and easy to use. Once registered you can create a new project and when created you can gain access to the Sika Online Joint Calculator. Standard structural glazing and insulated glass requirements will need to be inputted and you will be provided with the tools to create your own professional report - saving you valuable time.


You will need the relevant information to hand for standard 2 and 4 sided systems, this includes:

  • Glass type
  • Glass configuration
  • Project-specific wind load
  • Substrate details
  • Temperature range

Why are the glass configurations important to Sika?

The size and thickness of the glass or insulated glass units will impact the structural joint dimensions and will take into account the deflections of the glass.

Project Specific Wind Loads

Project-specific wind loads must be supplied by a Structural Engineer. Aspects for consideration include the location of the project i.e. is it in a city centre, the top of a hill or on a street corner - which may cause vortices, and the shape of the building etc.

The wind load should be based on the worst storm in one and fifty years.


What is the calculator designed for?

  • Single Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Double Glazed Units – symmetrical and stepped units
  • Triple Glazing
  • Toggle Systems

You will be asked to enter the structural glazing standard you are working with. This will be EOTA ETAG 002, the European Guideline for Structural Glazing. 

Substrate details and expected temperature ranges of the facade materials will provide the Sika joint calculator necessary data to calculate the differential thermal movements.

Calculations can be made for supported or unsupported glass systems. An unsupported system has no setting blocks transferring the weight of the glass panel.

Secondary Sealant

The seal height dimensioning of the secondary sealant, which considers maximum changes in barometric pressure within the insulated glass unit, will also be a factor within the calculation.

All insulated glass units that are to be used as part of a structurally glazed façade system must be manufactured with a silicone secondary sealant that conforms to EOTA ETAG002, due to the excellent resistance to ultra-violet light that silicone offers. The silicone secondary sealant also acts as a structural sealant for the outer pane of glass of the insulated glass unit.

The secondary sealant also provides structural strength to the insulated glass unit and protects its primary seal to minimalize gas loss and moisture ingress.

Structural Sealant Glazing Complexity of Details

SG sealant glazing-complexity of details

How do I access the online calculator?

The Joint calculator is easily accessible once registered through Sika Bonding Excellence Platform.

Sika can offer a one to one session on how to get the most out of the joint calculator and there are also online webinars which can be booked here, that will guide you through the process, with a useful question and answer session at the end.

To request an informative webinar on the Sika Bonding Excellence Platform please click the button below for further information.

As a Bonding Excellence Platinum Contractor, Sika will promote and support you in all your structural glazing projects.

What if I have a non-standard application?

For non-standard applications, Sika has experienced Façade Structural Engineers who can provide you with expert help and advice.

As part of Sika’s support for structurally glazed facades, any project-specific structural calculations can be done for you.

Upon your request, Sika will send you a project information form that you will need to fill in and return to the team. The information required includes glass data (especially the largest and smallest glass panel sizes, the glass configurations and wind loads, as previously mentioned) and any drawing details for the project.

Sika has a range of high-quality structural silicone adhesives that can be used in structural glazing, including bomb blast applications. These products have been tested in accordance to EOTA ETAG002 the European Technical Approval (ETA), of which copies can be supplied on request.


Sika Here to Support You All the Way!

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you and will support you all the way!
For further information and advice please complete the below for to contact Andrew Hills | National Key Account Manager for Facades Fenestration Insulated Glass 

Written by Andrew Hills|National KAM for Sika FFI and Jeff Richards|Business Development Manager