North Portsea Island, Portsmouth

Climate change has had a huge impact on rising sea levels, leading to the first ‘large-scale’ use of ‘Ecoformliners’ within the UK, along the North Portsea Harbour. These textured, concrete sea walls provide a coastal defence against flooding while also aiming to improve marine habitats by encouraging the growth of vegetation and promote biodiversity. Ecoformliners have the potential to become a blueprint for the futureof environmentally friendly sea defences.

Sealant being applied so gap in sea wall

Nature dictated the working time on this project, forcing the sealant applicator to work within the constraints of the coastal tide. Product applied between the concrete panels had to be fast curing to ensure the incoming tide caused no damage to the sealant. Due to the location, the product used was also required to be resistant to salt water and harsh weather conditions.

Man brushing primer onto gap into sea wall

Concrete panels were not precast but fabricated on-site. All joints between the concrete panels were sealed with Sikaflex®-423 PowerCure. Correct ratios of sealant and booster were mixed with the Sika Powercure Dispensing system, quickly and efficiently applying the product directly into the joint. Sikaflex®-423 PowerCure cures quickly in both vertical and horizontal joints, is resistant to salt water and shows high resistance to weathering.

Man loading sealant foil into applicator gun